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Love and Care

"At Blossom Residence, love and genuine care are our top priotities. With an exceptional caregiving team prioritizing nutrition, exercise and stimulation of the mind, your family member can feel comfortable in his or her new home."

-Blossom Residence


"Blossom Residence offers nutritious and enjoyable meal options tailored to accomodate personal preferences and medical needs."

"Playing an active role on residents nutrition helps to improve their quality of life. A well balanced nutritious diet helps to maintain a healthy mental and physcial lifestyle, boosts the bodies immune system, energy and well-being."

-Blossom Residence


"Blossom Residence offers stimulating activities such as social interations, puzzles, games and field trips."

"The more active our minds are, the less likely it is that seniors develop mental health problems and physcial disabilities. For seniors who deal with depression anxiety, or stress, mental stimulation task can reduce the symptoms and help them feel happier each day."

-Blossom Residence


"Blossom Residence encourages residents to remain active, including stretching, walking and strength training. Specialty services such as physcial therapy can be accomodated."

"Being active helps boost your energy, maintain independence, protect the heart, and manage symptoms of illness or pain as well as your weight. Regular exercise is also good for your mind, mood and memory."

-Blossom Residence

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